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Hordes and Warmachine at Dice Bag Games

We have Table Top Gaming Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, so bring a friend and come on down!

Dice Bag Games: Become a member today!

Although learning tabletop games on your own is a great thing, preparing for a competition or event without having any experience can be overwhelming. If you are suffering this kind of dilemma and don’t know what to do, then Dice Bag Games is here to help!

Dice Bag Games is a popular organization that hosts a lot of tabletop Warhammer games here in Canada! With the goal of assisting independent players in honing their skills, we offer a comprehensive program that balances the needs of players, wargame enthusiasts and collectors alike. 

By being a member of our organization, we will not only help you capitalize on your battle strategy but will also give you the chance to be a spectator in professional competitions as well.

Why join us?

  • Preferred pricing

Aside from the weekly gaming events that you get to experience, Dice Bag Games also offers different merchandise that you can add to your Warhammer collection. Most of them are limited edition, so we highly recommend purchasing them.

  • Foodservice programs

Since tabletop games may take a long process, We made sure that you can have a coffee to drink at the pantry and other equipment for all your foodservice needs.

  • Promotions

Along with the following discounts and free service, you will also get to see promotional items that you only get to see in our monthly tournaments. These are high-value items that cost a lot but are hard to come by.

  • Monthly newsletters

Dice Bag Games provides all of its members with monthly informative newsletters, including market information, new industry trends, new tournament events and new products in the establishment.

  • Equipment and service

If you are new to tabletop games, then becoming a member of the organization is a great way to become more familiar with Warhammer 40k. You are free to use any equipment that is available and can play with other new members in the club as well.

How to become a member

For inquiries and other questions, please contact us by phone (1-250-597-5559) or email ( 

Dice Bag Games is located at 360 Festubert St, Duncan, British Columbia, V9L 3S9.

Once you send us your inquiry, we highly request that you provide us with the important details, so that we can successfully book your desired room and date.

Take note: By being a member, you are required to pay at least $12 a month.

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The security of our members is of prime importance to the organization. We are committed to protecting your privacy and security of personal information you provided us. The information you provide is necessary to process and confirm your membership and may include collecting this information in a personal profile.

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