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F.N.M. April 2015

  • April 3rd 5pm ~ Draft    
  • April 10th 5pm ~ Draft    
  • April 17th 10am ~ Draft     8:30pm ~ Standard
  • April 18th Magic Game Day: Dragons of Tarkir (Constructed) 9am ***DOUBLE FEATURE*** Twice the chance to be CHAMP!
  • April 24th 5pm ~ Draft     8:30pm ~ Standard

Magic Game Day: Dragons of Tarkir

EVENT #1 Start time 9am
Format: Standard Constructed

Entry $6

Regular swiss rounds followed by Top 8/4 single elimination.

1 pack per player into the prize pool
Free Game Day promos for all players
Top 8 players receive special full art promo foils
Our winner will take home the Game Day Champion playmat

EVENT#2 will start at approximately 4pm
Format: Standard Constructed
Entry $6

Regular swiss rounds followed by Top 8/4 single elimination.

1 pack per player into the prize pool
Free Game Day promos for all players
Top 8 players receive special full art promo foils
Our winner will take home the Game Day Champion


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Dice Bag Games: Prepare for magic games today!

Becoming a tabletop champion in war games is no easy feat, but it can be achievable through practice and proper knowledge of the rules. Whether this is your first time joining a contest or have a few records under your belt, we are here to help! With this in mind, make sure to follow this list and read the guidelines carefully for a better understanding of the game.

Since Dice Bag Games’ magic contest is coming near, we’re going to cover the basics of Warhammer play, from list-building basics to battlefield tactics. On this page, there are three major areas to think about to improve your skills as a player:

  • Pre-game: List building, unit selection and strategic planning
  • In game: Deployment, tactics and making decisions
  • Post-game: Accepting defeat and learning from your mistakes

Pre-game preparation

According to various game experts, many of these contests are already decided even before they begin the game. Generally speaking, pre-game planning and list building is important in increasing the player’s chance of winning. For this reason, we are going to dig deeper in what you can do to improve before you compete. 

Have a plan.

Building an effective lineup is essential in winning this tabletop game. This is why you must ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you going to win? 
  • What does your army need to do to secure a victory?
  • What are the pieces you’ll need from your army to accomplish that?

Choose an army suited to you. 

All of the armies in Warhammer 40k have different styles and characteristics. You must know what is suited for you and how you will handle them. Every race has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to know what type of strategy you want to play. Some of these armies that you can use include:

  • Dark Eldars

They are fast and will allow you to take advantage of the enemy and accomplish missions.

  • Orcs and Space marines

They are far more durable than any enemies and are perfect for long battles. Orcs usually attack as a horde to overrun enemies while the space marines use their long range skills to defeat certain forces. 

Find your own style of play.

If you are having trouble deciding, then let us help. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before picking an army: 

  • Do you prefer to be passive and not directly engage?
  • Do you like melee attacks? 
  • Do you like long range attacks? 
  • Are you looking for a more subtle, controlling type of force?
  • Do you prefer overwhelming the enemy in close combat or lightning fast attacks? 

Assess the look of your army. 

Since warhammer 40k is a long term investment of your time and money, it is important to take a careful look at your characters if they are truly the perfect one for you. Not only do you have the chance to paint your own characters, but also able to customize their overall appearance as well. However if you are just looking for the  stats to win, feel free to buy any miniature figure that you want.

Consult with other players. 

This is something that we recommend especially for first-time participants so that they will be fully equipped with the right knowledge when joining the contest. One thing to keep in mind is that all of the races have each of their own unique characteristic and skill. This is why it is important to ask veterans about the advantages, disadvantages, and challenges of assembling and playing armies. Moreover, you can also inquire on how to use the army’s codex if they own one. With this, you will be able to know the rules, the warlords and especially how to win.

Choose an army based on your research.

Once you have decided what army to choose, make sure to do thorough research on them first. If ever you pick the wrong army, there will be a chance that you will lose since it really depends on the style of play you have. 

Know your chosen army’s Codex. 

Lastly, before joining the contest, it is important that you purchase a codex for your army. If you are not familiar with code, this is a type of book that contains all the important information about different armies. Although this is more pricey compared to other books of its size, the Codex will give you a helpful guide in building your own army.

We encourage you to read it from cover to cover since the Codex contains some background information on the army, a few stories and the complete battle plan to help you win.

During the game

During the game, it is important to keep yourself composed and not think too hard in every move. Don’t commit too much but also learn to take risks if it will give you a chance to win. Here are other things you might need to follow: 

Read your opponent’s army list.

Every time you play, there will be a chance to see through the army of your opponent. During this time we recommend observing what in their army, what units do they have, what detachments and factions they belong to, and many more. Moreover, we recommend  running through the rules and regulations so that you will know what to do once the game starts.

Although using this tactic can be a bit hard to do since there are some skeptic opponents you will face, this will help you run through your opponent with ease since you know what can be infiltrated, where you can teleport in and many more. If you are eager to win the championship, you must be ready for all circumstances that may come your way. 

Play the mission

You have one mission and that is to infiltrate the forces and beat the opponent’s army. Always keep this in mind and don’t be pressured by this contest since your victory likely be dictated by more than just your ability to kill units.

Know what to do during the game

Similar to the pre-game planning, it is important that you know what to do once the game commences. You need to know how to attack the opponent you’re facing and understand the mission you’re playing. However, you need to know how to defend your army and at the same time. Always keep in mind that this is a two-player game and that everything you do will be counteracted by the other player.

Have a backup plan

Remember, no battle plan is perfect when it comes to playing with another player. Similar to the tactusc that you are planning to do, they also have a strategy to defeat you. However, with some careful planning, you may know what he/she might plan to do and give you the chance to defend on their next move. Always be prepared for what they will offer and think calmly with every move.

In circumstances where your plan is not working, we recommend switching to another one for your army to reduce the damage that it is taking. Avoid falling into their trap and be cautious with every decision you make. Never give up and think of ways to defeat them effectively.

After the game

Listen, no matter what happens you did your best and nothing is more fulfilling than that. Here are some things you need to know after the game.

Practice good sportsmanship

Although this puts so much pressure on you and other players joining the contest, always remember that this is just a game. Don’t be too violent or arrogant no matter what happens since your opponent also spent the entire game trying their best to stop your plan from succeeding. Just be cool about it and just move on. Don’t get salty and insult your opponent in the process. You can offer a handshake and give them the praise that they deserve.

In addition, you don’t need to blame it on anything, not even the dice. Remember, you are the one who put yourself in a situation where the game depended on a single dice roll. 

Don’t be arrogant if you win.

On the contrary, if you are the one who won the game, don’t go bragging too much to your opponent. Remember, they worked hard planning their strategy as well. Be considerate of their feelings and encourage them to be positive if possible.

Talk about what happened.

Whether you win or lose, remember that it is just part of the game. For this reason, there’s no need to be so complacent. What you can do is think about what happened during the game and try to adjust your strategy to make yourself better and better. This is not just a good time to learn new things but also improve in the process.

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