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About us….

We are three big (well…two big and one average height) geeks. We have come from different places to join forces and share our love of gaming within our community and the world at large!

Paul :

What can we say about Paul? Second troll in a two troll race? Excitable troll? A little too cheerful when it comes to talking about games. Perhaps. One thing is certain though, he likes to talk gaming. “I try to reign it in a bit, but sometimes I have so much enthusiasm for a game that my tongue can’t keep up with my thoughts.” Is a common thought when talking games to a new Dice Bag customer. Over the last eighteen months an e-brake has been installed inside Paul’s skull that allows for him slow down and relax while letting people wander the store in an exuberant way finding the treasures that they either dreamed about as a kid or talk incessantly about to their parents while they are a kid. You can find Paul at the first painting table either doing paperwork, watching Chuck, painting, watching Chuck or gabbing to some of his gamer buddies whilst watching Chuck. Got a hobby question take a sit, wait for him to slowly release the e-brake and then fire away. Need some hobby tips? He has those too. Come on don’t be shy, you know you wanna come in and talk to him.



Ben has been an avid gamerfrom the time he was knee high to a Hobbit. Coming from dabbling on the Magic pro tour qualifier grinding circuit, he has a passion for this great card game that he brings to teaching new players the ropes, playing at Dice Bag Games Friday Night Magic or casual bouts anytime someone wants to test an new idea. Ben has recently delved into the tabletop hobby: Warmachine and fights with the boys in blue AKA Cygnar.Looking for help with getting started, not sure what to get first? Ben can help, he loves games and the people that play them.

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