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Want to know what day to come down and play your favorite game, or try out something new?  
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Daily Gaming at Dice Bag Games









-Board Games Drop-in
-40K/Age of Sigmar Drop-in and Demos



 - Board Games Drop-in

-Casual Magic Night

-Star Trek Attack Wing

-Table Top Game Drop-in 

  -Friday Night Magic

2pm & 5pm 

-Warmachine/Hordes Demos 

-Table Top Game Drop-in   

  -Attack Wing Drop-in

-Dicemasters Drop-in and Demos


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Board Games
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Magic the Gathering

September 24th and 25th we are hosting our Prerelease for Kaladesh!

Full details are here 
***Preregistration is HIGHLY recommended***
Sign up in store today

8am Single Sealed Event
 2:30pm Single Sealed Event
7:30pm Two-Headed Giant Sealed Event

9am Single Sealed Event
3pm Two-Headed Giant Sealed Event

Entry is $35 for each event or $160 for all five



The Mercenaries Must Die! is a Warmachine/Hordes big game that pits all comers against a force of entrenched mercenaries played by the three Dice Bag Games store owners. Each non-mercenary player will deploy his/her forces on a randomly determined length of the table edge across from the mercenary forces. Multiple loot objectives markers will be set up behind the mercenary forces. The goal of the game is to eliminate the mercenary forces, grab loot tokens from the loot markers and get them off of your table edge. Gain 1 VP for each loot token you get off of your table edge and 3 VP for each mercenary warcaster to which your forces deal the killing blow. Your force will be considered friendly with all other non-mercenary forces until such time as you 1) intentionally target a friendly player’s model/unit or 2) as soon as one of your models has a loot token. After such time your force will be considered an enemy to all other forces for the rest of the game.

Force Construction

Each player point total = up to 75 points.
Lists must be in faction and may not include non-partisan mercenary models.
The mercenaries will have a total of 50% of the total points of all opposing forces.

Doors open at 9:00 AM, game play starts at 10:00 AM



Star Trek Attack Wing

The Prime Directive has been forgotten, set phasers to kill!



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